DADA 1983 - 1985

Hans Liberg, a new and undiscovered talent who simply fell from the sky. "Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I am incapable of having children". Quick associations and an unbridled cultural fantasy. Everyone takes something different away from it, but everyone focuses on allowing themselves to be swept away on the fast stream of Hans Libergs stories, cinematic scenes, humour and nihilistic poetry.
Berend Boudewijn; You never truly complete a single story, everything remains up in the air and yet no one misses that ending.
Hans Liberg loves the alienation of playing a Rachmaninoff prelude while simultaneously holding a conversation with the audience in the American dialect. "A biographical story about Mozart is mixed with the this mornings water levels". The surprising nature of his thoughts is important and sometimes requires the audience to concentrate and in order to keep putting up with his sense of humour".
(Henny van Schaik, Utr Nieuwsblad, 24 March 1984)
According to connoisseurs and trendsetters, Hans Liberg is the best thing to come out of the Rotonde Theatre Cafe in Amsterdams Stadsschouwburg and the Amsterdam Uitmarkt 1984. Everyone is talking about it. People are dreaming up definitions such as "Avant-garde entertainment, a non-conventional expression concert, total theatre for one........."
No one knows exactly what it is, but everyone is convinced of Hans Libergs talent, originality, bizarre imagination and musicality.