Wortel Bach Live 1987 - 1989

After the unparalleled success of "DaDa" and "Berg Berg", "Wortel Bach Live" is Hans Libergs third evening-long programme. This astonishing phenomenon unleashes a stream of strange anecdotes, weird and wonderful associations and plenty of music on the audience.
"Wortel Bach Live" is a one man performance but it is not a cabaret, it is not a lecture, it is not a concert, nor a play: Hans Liberg has invented his own personal genre.
The press have written the following about him: "Virtuoso", "Genius or Raving Mad", "Elitist and Banal" and "Unique Entertainment". The Mozart story used to be one of the previous programme s highlights, now he talks about Neo-Geo, Japan, Africa, Mondriaan, the Art Collector and Bach.
This hot mess is all brought together with the help of a harpsichord, bass, a tom-tom from Guinea and the grand piano under the motto of "Energy is never lost".