Chanel/4711, werd Kadett/4711 (NL) 1989 - 1991

Chanel/4711 is a chic programme. It is as the world was back then, a lot of everything, chock full of information. Although has no sponsor, it bulges with brand names. As always, Liberg uses materials everyone knows - advertisement and signature jingles, piano concerts and pop tunes. This was unheard of four years ago, nowadays it is called highly respectable appropriation art. How do I cut through the commercials to arrive at an emotion? There are wide-open landscapes and Freudian rivers. The eroticism of a perfume bottle, a lipstick, a soap pump. And furthermore: An Indian in New York, modern show business...the shows on offer! The talent! The nitwits! And then there is Russia, expansionism, Rachmaninov, Horowitz, Moscowitz, Pavlov in Manhattan. Be funny! American millionaire advised. That which remains is the unbearable lightness of Hans Liberg.