Nu ook voor vrouwen 1993 - 1996

Musical comedian and virtuoso Hans Liberg has given six shows in the past 10 years. Six amazing shows. In his sixth show, its run extended due to its great success, he turns his attention especially to women. At never know what to expect from Liberg. He sits there behind his grand piano, drawing comparisons between masculinity and femininity, interspersed with jokes every 20 seconds. If you have never seen Hans Liberg play before, you are going to wonder what you have struck. Once you have been bitten by the Liberg bug, addiction is sure to follow. The national press on "Nu ook voor vrouwen" (Now available for women): "Liberg is asset to Dutch humour..." (Algemeen Dagblad). Liberg, one of the Netherlands top entertainers" (De Volkskrant).