New Show (NL) 1998 - 2002

Hans Libergs "New Show" is indeed a new path in his development. He arrived at his previous show with a guest, he also danced a little dance. But this time, Hans has really pushed back his entertainment boundaries. He is now involving the audience for the first time throughout his whole performance. He asks questions, includes current events, improvises a great deal. The sequence of his show is not set in stone either. Just as he has a different suit on every night, every city and every audience is different, and his mood can also constantly shift.
This great need for improvisation began when he performed in Edinburgh nightclubs. The audience just screamed over him. Pulling them back and involving them fully in the show was the only way to survive the gig. Because of this, "New Show" is more open and loose, perhaps less stylised. Hans Liberg takes the stage with less material and uses timing and calm to open a dialogue with the audience. He has a gift in that just five minutes he has the audience become more open, looser and even cheekier than before. They sometimes appear to exceed their own personal limits.
In the "New Show", the out-and-out entertainer has returned to the drawing board. The alternation between the elite and the utterly banal as well as music and musical jokes remain at the core of this show.