The Best Of 2008 - 2010

'The Best of' brings 25-year repertoire highlights of piano-comedian Hans Liberg into one unique show. It's more than a collection of highlights: every part has been pimped, recycled and renovated... to quote Hans Liberg: "If one knows his history, it doesn't repeat itself."

Due to the universal character of his shows, his musical virtuosity and his subtle humour, Hans Liberg's fame reaches far beyond the Dutch borders, attracting full houses all over Europe.

As a result, Liberg has collected many international awards, best of all an Emmy Award in New York in 1997. Thanks to his one-of-a-kind acceptance speech, he was asked to replace the host of the Emmy's, Sir Peter Ustinov, a year later.

"Liberg is madly inspired" headlined The Times after attending a show. The Süddeutsche Zeitung noted: "...Hans Liberg has proved his worldclass! Highly musical, silly to absurd but above all roaringly funny."