Ick Hans Liberg 2010 - 2013

In "ICK HANS LIBERG", Hans Liberg is completely himself. He shows many sides of himself. Liberg is a piano player, who actually is a comedian, a drummer and guitar player, but in fact he is a banjo player, who actually is a singer, who is a saxophone player who likes to play the trumpet.

Hans Liberg is High and Low, likes Bach and Beethoven, as well as Debussy, Górecki, Elgar en Scriabin. On the other hand he also likes to sing the dirty lyrics that his grandmother used to sing cheerfully and at high volume.

Liberg was born in a part of Amsterdam called the "Jordaan".
In "ICK HANS LIBERG" he uses the typical Jordanese accent he spoke during his childhood to take the audience on a tour through his old neighborhood in Amsterdam-West, with the catholic drum band etcetera. Sometimes he shows pictures of his kids or himself.

"How do you do that outside The Netherlands?" is a popular question Liberg frequently answers in his own way.

'ICK HANS LIBERG' is a classical program that is jazzy at the same time. Liberg uses a jazz trio: piano and drums, supported by contrabass. He explains why great statesmen often are great piano players as well. Last but not least Liberg even dances, for example with his young side kick Daan Boom.